Micheal Jon Designs

Milton Decorator Fabrics is proud to announce the introduction of Michael Jon Designs to its vast array of designer decorating fabrics. Michael Jon Designs has been in the decorator fabric industry for many years and is known for their lovely mohair velvets and sumptuous chenille.

You won't have to limit yourself to one certain color or pattern when you choose any one of Michael Jon's designer fabrics. From classic tan and beige, to a more daring color palette of crimson or navy, you will find exactly what you need in any one of Michael Jon's color or pattern books.

Just imagine taking that ratty old stuffed chair that your mother-in-law passed on to you and reupholstering it in the softest mohair available on the design market today. You can have the chair finally match the rest of your home and not try to hide it with an ugly sheet or slipcover. Michael Jon Designs will make your eyesore a beautiful piece of art.

No matter what your tastes are, you will find what you need with Michael Jon Designs, and Milton Decorator Fabrics can offer you these exquisite fabrics at amazing wholesale prices. You don't have to dream any more about creating a designer look in your home. Create some throw pillows to match and you will have an exceptionally pulled together, high-end look that would make anyone envious.

Get your dream started and buy Michael Jon Design fabrics today through Milton Decorator Fabrics and start enjoying your designer space.