Trend Fabrics

You can't go wrong in choosing Trend Fabrics from Milton Decorator Fabrics to decorate and update all of the soft furnishings in your household. Trend has innovative designs and fabrics that work well in several applications. Whether you want to create a slipcover for a worn out chair, cover your bare windows with sumptuous silks, or redesign an entire room with subtle accents, Trend Fabrics will deliver the look you're in search of.

Under the Fabricut banner, Trend Fabrics is building on the rich history that its parent company has been building in the interior design community since 1954. Trend Fabrics draws on its parent company's reputation for quality fabrics and great attention to detail in every thread.

Whether you are in need of reupholstering furniture, making window coverings, designing a new duvet cover, or simply adding accent to a room with throw pillows, Milton Decorator Fabrics offers several lines and colorways of Trend Fabrics and fulfill each of these needs.

There are florals, paisleys, stripes, geometrics, and many more patterns to choose from, all of which come in just about any color ever made. You can also choose between silks, damasks, jacquards, cotton blends, as well as the new eco-friendly line of fabrics that are made from hemp, 100% cotton, and bamboo, all of which were grown chemical-free and use only the most natural dyes.

And don't forget to buy Trend's multiple offerings of trimmings to finish off your creations. Beads, fringe, rope, and other fancy trims are also offered by Trend Fabrics through Milton Decorator Fabrics at incredibly low wholesale prices. Buy Trend Fabrics today and show Mrs. Jones what decorating is really all about.